10 Photos of Kids That Will Make You Smile

| May 6, 2017 | Pictures

Check out these 10 funny photos of kids that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

1. Safety first everyone.

2. Must be Father’s Day or best trained kids.

3. No need to call the plumber…I’ll fix it!

4. Ketchup anyone?

5. Mom said not to lay a finger on the cake. But she didn’t say anything about using my teeth!

6. Hey…no sleeping while you are driving there mister!

7. Her first pigtail.

8. First of all, my name is not Tom and secondly I am not peeping…just wanted to know if you needed a hand

9. Sleeping pills finally kicking in…lets break this joint!

10. And finally…the moment their batteries run out.

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