15 Interesting Facts About Seinfeld

| August 21, 2015 | Articles

After launching during its premiere in 1989, Seinfeld rose to become one of the top television shows of all time. This list brings you interesting facts about Seinfeld that even the most hardcore fans may not have known.

1. Seinfeld wasn’t originally part of NBC’s 1989 fall lineup. The show got a summer premiere date — July 5, 1989 [Source]

2. In Season 8’s “The Pothole,” Jerry’s girlfriend’s toothbrush falls into the toilet, and she uses it before he can tell her. Like so many Seinfeld plots, the toothbrush debacle was inspired by the real-life experience of the episode’s writer, in this case, Dan O’Keefe. O’Keefe’s then girlfriend, now wife, used her toothbrush before he could tell her it had fallen into the toilet, too. And when asked if she had yet forgiven him for it, he revealed: She still doesn’t know the truth about the episode’s origins. [Source]

3. Jason Alexander’s wardrobe for George Costanza was often made one size too small, which added to the portrait of George as perpetually annoyed. [Source]

4. Festivus, the holiday Frank Costanza observes instead of Christmas, is a tradition that Dan O’Keefe, a writer on the show, celebrated as a kid as early as 1966.  [Source]

5. Seinfeld has won 10 Primetime Emmy Awards, and was nominated for 68.  [Source]

6. Almost every episode has a Superman reference hidden somewhere in it.  [Source]

7.  Seinfeld led the Nielsens in its sixth and ninth seasons and finished among the top two every year from 1994 to 1998.  [Source]

8. Seinfeld became the first televised series to get more than $1 million a minute for advertising. This fee was previously commanded only by the Super Bowl.  [Source]

9.   The show’s finale aired on May 14th, 1999, the same day that Frank Sinatra died.  [Source]

10.  Jerry Seinfeld was offered a 10th season contract worth $100 million, but turned it down because he wanted to follow in the Beatles footsteps – breaking up after 9 years. [Source]

11. The exterior shot for Jerry’s apartment was actually filmed in Los Angeles.  [Source]

12. Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander never won Emmy acting awards, despite being nominated numerous times.  [Source]

13. Kenny Kramer, Larry David’s real-life former neighbor, says he was paid just $1,000 to allow the series to use his name for the character of TV Jerry’s neighbor. Real Kramer has profited from his association with the show, however, and continues to do so as the proprietor of the Kramer Reality Tour, a Seinfeld-centric bus ride through New York City that, more than 15 years after the series finale, still sells out.  [Source]

14. M&M, Lifesaver, and others turned Seinfeld down when looking for a candy to use in the famous, ‘Junior Mint’ episode.  [Source]

15. As the Kramer rose in popularity, the applause when he entered grew so prolonged that the cast complained it was ruining the pacing of their scenes. Because of this, the show’s directors had to ask the audience not to applaud so much when Kramer made an entrance.  [Source]


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