20 Hilarious Reasons To Watch Futurama

| January 31, 2016 | Articles, Pictures

Check out these 20 hilarious reasons why you should tune in to Futurama and enjoy a good laugh.

1. When Uranus got a much-needed name change.

2. When the show’s executive producers got called out.

3. When they made the perfect robot joke.

4. When the show launched this SAVAGE burn at Family Guy.

5. When Fry proved a point.

6. When Bender didn’t fully understand pacifism.

7. When Bender gave some parenting advice.

8. When there was too much snu-snu.

9. Basically anytime Zapp Branigan ever spoke.

10. When Bender mourned for the right reasons.

11. When Fry had to be reminded about his own childhood.

12. When Bender was so close to rescue.

13. When Fry’s parents held him to way too high a standard.

14. When Fry tried Popplers.

15. When Farnsworth had a history.

16. Basically anytime there was a sign in an establishing shot.

17. When Bender showed off his features.

18. When Farnsworth deserved the slap he got.

19. When Bender called out his own voice.

20. When Leela couldn’t catch a break (but she could catch a boot).

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