Heisenberg Spotted At Comic-Con

| January 13, 2016 | Pictures

Bryan Cranston wore the best costume to Comic-Con.

The actor dressed up as his “Breaking Bad” character complete with a Heisenberg mask and no one knew.

According to AMC, he walked the floors of the San Diego Convention centre and blended right in with the crowd.

Celebrities, take note. This is how you walk through crowds of fans without getting noticed.

It wasn’t until he arrived at the “Breaking Bad” panel Sunday and took off the mask that people realised it was Cranston wearing the clever disguise.

Then things got weird.

Cranston started making out with the mask.

Actor Aaron Paul who plays Cranston’s partner-in-crime Jesse Pinkman got in on the action, too.

Creator Vince Gilligan had the best reaction:

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